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Tyneside Scottish Quest

This is my first Quest

I received this photograph from my grandma after returing from a School history trip to Belgium and France in 2007. I then decided after finding the Great War Forum  ( ) that I would find the names of each man on the photograph.

Another great site for photographs is











My Great Uncle, Private William Thomas Errington is standing in the second row, third from the left, holding a mop and wearing a balaclava.

I am trying to name all these men because all of them are heroes to me and if it takes me the rest of my life trying to name them, then so be it.

 "Happy Boys of the 1st T.S" ALNWICK

Men I've found

 With the help of my uncle, Peter Hastie and wonderful people from the great war forum I have found out some information about one of the men in the photograph.

Private James Beaston 20/372 (Front row, second from the right, holding the entrenching tool) From Widdrington Colliery, born in Sunderland.

My progress

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